Q: What are the available treatments for termites?

First, we highly recommend that this is something that requires the services of a trained and licensed professional and strongly suggest not trying to do this yourself. Simply put, there is a permanent and a temporary option available.

The permanent solution is to eliminate the entire termite colony, not just individual termites. Total colony elimination is achieved with the Pest Management Professional offering two basic types of treatment options. The first option is known as a termite bait system. Here at Pest Services Company, our product of choice is the Advance Termite Bait System.

This approach involves installing termite bait stations around the perimeter of a home every 10-15 feet. The stations are then checked by us on a regular basis. Upon finding termites in the stations, a bait cartridge is placed inside the station which is fed upon by termites and destroys the colony attacking the home.

The second option is known as a liquid chemical barrier treatment. This involves trenching the exterior around your foundation walls and placing a liquid chemical into the ground. Depending on your situation and the product, it may also involve drilling into your front porch, garage, brick siding and other slab areas inside your home. Most homes require from 100-250 gallons of chemical to treat the home. A re-treatment guarantee is available followed by an annual termite inspection.

While both approaches are effective at controlling termites, the newer bait system technology offers several distinct advantages:

  1. Complete elimination of the colony or colonies attacking your home

  2. Less invasive to your home (no drilling, no liquid chemicals)

  3. Long-term protection as a result of the ongoing monitoring done by your pest management professional that does not degrade over time

  4. Service convenience due to the fact that it is performed only on the outside your home

To make an informed decision for protecting your home and family, take a closer look at the comparison of liquid vs. bait treatments.

Termites, by their nature, are hard to find. Thriving in hard-to-reach, inaccessible areas, they eat your home from the inside out. Although there may be only a few indications of termite activity, take a closer look at these warning signs:

  • Watch for the “swarm” of winged termites during the day or evening and often after rainfall from February to March, in most areas of the country.

  • Check in or around windows and door frames for termite evidence (wings, etc.)

  • Look for “mud tunnels” in or around the foundation, under windows and on walls.

  • Watch for pin-sized holes in the wall and woodwork where termites exited during the swarm.

  • Tap baseboards and floors to see if they sound hollow — a possible sign of termite infestation.

  • Examine window sills and walls for dead termites or termite wings.

  • Blistering on sheetrock.