Q: What is a termite swarm?

A phenomenon that annually occurs when a mature termite colony produces reproductive members for developing additional colonies. Most termite swarms occur in the spring — March through May — when the temperature and humidity is right for the colony. “Swarmers” leave the colony, follow the underground trails made by the workers, and emerge from an area where there is an active infestation. Swarmers are usually black with two pairs of long wings (equal in length) which are about twice as long as their body. They are not strong fliers and when swarming outside will ride the wind as they disperse from the origin of the swarm site. Upon landing, they shed their wings, search for a suitable mate, and dig themselves into the ground to start a new colony. A termite swarm can consist of thousands at one time and a large colony may swarm several times in a single season. If you experience a termite swarm, you have an active infestation from a mature colony. Call Pest Services Company for a no-charge termite inspection and estimate.