Q: What is the best way to get rid of and help prevent pests in and around my home?

The first thing is to try to eliminate any conducive conditions that promote pest infestation followed by a professional pest control treatment on the inside and outside of your home.

Some preventative measures include:

  • Making sure all outside doors and windows are well sealed. If you can see light around or beneath a door, insects or mice may also be able to come in!

  • Plumbing leaks or moisture areas – eliminate all moisture sources in or around your home. This creates an environment crucial to pest survival. Fix leaks, seal cracks and crevices, and provide proper water drainage.

  • Eliminate unnecessary clutter – around the home and in attics, closets, and basements. Keep stored items in a sealed container.

  • Proper screening on gabled attic vents, crawl space vents, windows, and doors.

  • Keep opened food in storage containers.

  • Disposal of all aged fruits and vegetables that are not kept refrigerated (this will help control fruit flies).

  • Don’t leave dirty dishes and open food containers out overnight; keep the kitchen and dining areas clean.

  • Seal gaps around conduit and pipes that come in from the outside of the home.

  • Remove accumulated leaves and debris from the gutters, roof, and foundation perimeter.

  • Keep garage doors closed. Make sure the weather stripping is in good shape for a tight seal.

  • Keep debris, clutter, scraps, and woodpiles away from your home’s foundation.

  • Keep excess vegetation trimmed away from your home’s roof, eaves, windows, and siding. This creates a great harborage place for all kinds of critters and creates easy access into your home.