DC Pest Control Service Plans

Pest Control Services Available for DC Home or Commercial Properties!

A pest infestation, whether it’s termites, bed bugs, or other wildlife, can disrupt a household and wreck a business. Keep your property pest-free with the leading DC pest control services from Pest Services Company.

We have a variety of pest control service plans available for your home or commercial property.

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Benefits of a pest control service plan include:

  • Scheduled pest control
  • Pest prevention and education
  • Cost-savings
  • Ongoing pest inspection and surveillance
  • Guaranteed pest services
  • Skilled, professional, and experienced technicians

DC Pest Control Service Plans From Pest Services Company


A pest-free environment begins with pest service plans from DC’s best — Pest Services Company!

Why treat and control a pest infestation as they arise? Stay confident and ahead of the critters in a pest-free environment with a DC pest service plan from Pest Services Company.

Pests annually cause US property owners upwards of $5 billion in damage — $5 billion, that’s a whole lot of pest control and not so much pest prevention, which further cements the case for a pest service plan!

Not only do pests destroy drywall and compromise the structural integrity of your property, but they can cause health issues, and this is a huge problem for businesses that serve the public. Protect your customers, employees, and family members when you keep your space clean, sanitary, and free from termites, rodents, bed bugs, and other wildlife.

Keeping a routine pest control service plan will also save you money over time — prevention is always more cost-effective than an emergency treatment. Not only are you paying to mitigate the pests, but you’ll have to pay for the damage they’ve incurred on your property.

Pest Services Company Service Plans

At Pest Services Company in DC, we have a pest control service plan accessible to your home or commercial property in a variety of convenient ways, including:

  • Monthly

  • Bi-Monthly

  • Every Other Month

  • Quarterly

  • One-Time

Monthly DC Pest Control Services

Monthly pest control services include one service per month to residential or commercial properties with a lifetime guarantee. This guarantees superb pest protection and is recommended for any business (especially food service) and high-risk environments (apartment buildings, houses with a lot of land, remote and rural areas, etc.)

Bi-Monthly DC Pest Control Services

Bi-monthly pest control services provide two services per month for commercial clients only with a lifetime guarantee. This is pest control at its finest, providing business owners amazing pest control and prevention.

Every Other Month DC Pest Control Services

For pest control services every other month, your home or business is serviced every other month with guaranteed lifetime pest control. This is the gold standard for homes and affords excellent pest prevention.

Quarterly DC Pest Control Services

If you’re not a high-risk home or business, our quarterly pest control services may be perfect for you. Every three months you’ll get professional pest control services from skilled and knowledgeable pest control specialists. This is a great plan to take advantage of if you’re a low-risk property, such as a DC home or business that doesn’t have any past pest infestations.

One-Time DC Pest Control Services

Our one-time services are an on-demand service for residential and commercial clients that have a pest infestation or require our wildlife removal services. This service is backed by our lifetime guarantee. Take advantage of this service if you have an unexpected pest infestation.

Preventing a pest infestation begins with routine DC pest control services! Keep your property safe and the people that dwell within it as well.

Are you ready to get started? Connect with us and sign up for your pest control service plan today!


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